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Our first class in 2024 will be Thursday 8 February 2024. 

Term Fees:
Classes are $5/week for 3-4 years and $10/week for members 5 years and older. We accept Active Kids AND Creative Kids vouchers which can be put towards covering the cost of term fees. Term fees are paid via Stack Team App and are due by week 3 of each term. More information regarding class times and 2024 fees can be found here.

Registration Costs (based on member's age as of 31 August 2024):
2024 registration fee is $100 for members 5 years to ladies;
($85 United association registration, $15 CUPAD club registration).

2024 registration fee is $55 for 3-4 years;
($55 United association registration, club fee waived). 

CUPAD Registration (club)
Members are required to register annually with Camden United Physie and Dance by completing the 2024 Club Member Registration Form below. Payment is made via the Stack Team App and is due by week 3 of term 1.

United Physical Culture Registration (association)
New and returning members are also required to register with the United Physical Culture association online via the link below. Payment is made via the 'RevolutioniseSPORT' platform and is paid direct to the United association.
Apply for Active Kids and Creative Kids vouchers here:
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